UPP – Company

Supply chain specialist for rare & orphan diseases' medicines in the pharmaceutical industry

Proud to be the sister company of United Healthcare Partners AG, UPP continues after several years to be your experienced and reliable partner covering all aspects of (pre-)wholesaling in the pharmaceutical industry.

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UPP is a medium-sized company specialized in (pre-)wholesale of temperature-sensitive medicines for human use. We are a pan-European distribution specialist partner for rare & orphan diseases and sister company of United Healthcare Partners AG.

Our specialists do not only ensure that operations run smoothly, but they also make sure that our deliverables reach the highest quality level. Our regular internal and external quality controls  guarantee that both the facility as well as our processes comply with pharmaceutical and legal standards.

Our range of services are not just limited to the ones listed on our website but we go beyond according to our pharmaceutical partners requirements, to provide them with a complete solution package.

Our team

Our team look forward to working with you in the following languages:

German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Bulgarian



Alexander Tervooren

Managing Director
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Michael Bork

Chief Operating Officer, Manager Logistics

Donald Fonko

Sr. Project Manager
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Dr. Petra Zartner

Director Quality Assurance & Responsible Person
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Lucillia Schmitt-Lopes

Team leader ICS

Nadja Steinkuhle

Financial Controller
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Mani Zayyeni

Quality Manager

Christin Arnold

Team Leader Logistics
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Michelle Nguepi

International Customer Service Agent
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Maria-Rosa Gentile

International Customer Service Agent

Sandra Schmitt

Warehouse Operator

Esther Schmitt

Warehouse Operator
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Stefan Jakob

Warehouse Operator
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Andrea Schmiedtova

Warehouse Operator

Sabina Walther

Warehouse Operator

Alois Parent

Warehouse Operator

Sandra Timpe

Office Operator

Angela Haug

Office Operator
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René Schäfer

Office Operator
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Frank Riemer

Software Administrator
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Felix Kraus

Office Operator Accounting Auxiliary items

Our Vision

Our goal is to develop and sustain through a mutual spirit of growth, a long term relationship with our different partners and stakeholders within the pharmaceutical industry.

Health is our greatest asset and we aim at preserving, promoting and improving the life's quality of human beings by providing a proper pharmaceutical supply chain solution.

We pride ourselves and continue to work earnestly in fostering innovation, personal and human capital development and endeavor to always provide a consistent service of highest quality.

Our Mission

We aim at providing the optimal service quality to our partners in the pharmaceutical industry through a unique collaboration enacting every time the reinforcement of a strong partnership. With a highly committed, dedicated and experienced team through which, a common global effort can be achieved. We strongly believe that our services highly contribute to the improvement of the life conditions of patients suffering with a rare & orphan diseases.




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