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Highly experienced, friendly and dedicated customer service team

UPP customer service Team is a dedicated team who has asserted their competency by being in the center of interactions between customers and our logistic team. The core strength of such a dynamic team is their ability to speak at a native level a multitude of languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Bulgarian etc..).



UPP customer service Team is a dedicated team who has asserted their competency by being in the center of interactions between customers and our logistic team. The core strength of such a dynamic team is their ability to speak at a native level a multitude of languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Bulgarian etc..).  As our operations are currently growing, so is our International customer service team which is currently in the recruitment process of additional staff members to reinforce the team and eventually enlarge our languages expertise.

The customer service works from Monday till Friday between 8:00 AM and 06:00PM. Their tasks do not just end at recording your orders but they go way further by organizing the delivery at the destination countries taking in consideration local and public holidays to make sure the shipments get at the right location, to the right contact and at the right time.

We provide day to day support such as informing pharmacies, doctors or any healthcare providers when they formulate requests with clear and specific information they might need regarding diverse topics such as how they can order a product, the documentation they need to supply or any other request. All those requests are promptly treated by one of our dedicated customer service team member.

In this line of ideas, we always go a step further to provide the best customer experience. That is why when we receive emergency orders one of our dedicated team members will make sure that an emergency order will be shipped in due time by contacting and arranging with the logistic department an emergency shipment which will usually be delivered in the shortest possible period of time. The simple reason behind this effort is our common belief that an emergency order means there is an emergency need for the medicine by a patient and if that order is not fulfilled with the urgency it bears, it would mean a patient is without medication. We strongly believe our daily work highly contributes to the improvement of the living condition of patients served by our customers (pharmacies or wholesalers). This believes fuel our customer service team's dedication and commitment to perform their daily duties.


Our customer service supports you with expertise and competence from your first enquiry about the product and helps you during the registration procedure in our system, updating you constantly about the timelines and replying to all packaging enquiries, ensuring the first delivery within a maximum of 72 hours.








We are able to receive orders through various means such as email, fax, calls and so forth.  We make sure the product is received by the appropriate consignee in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Our highly experienced and qualified customer service team processes orders while ensuring a greater accuracy.  Our team can provide you with a real time visibility of the status and details of your orders at any time during our opening hours and on request.

Delivery coordination

To ensure continuity of care and therapies, our customer service keeps our customers constantly updated about delivery times and coordinates with them to make sure they receive their medicine on time.


Our customer service is highly experienced in dealing with country specific contracts such as “Marché Public in France,  Contratti Pubblici in Italy etc..”, where the public procurement laws require you to participate to a strict procedure or to submit a tender to be able to adjudicate and start supplying medical product.

Our qualified team member will prepare the tender documents and contracts, submit the offer and follow the adjudication and supplier selection process. We will support you in all phases from the formal bid opening to the enforcement of the contract terms if necessary.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.




Handling an ocean flow of calls per day could be a hassle for several pharmaceutical companies. UPP developed a custom made solution in term of call center to handle and re-route appropriately various types of enquiries for you.

We can also set up a hotline for your specific product and manage for you the call flux accordingly.

Our staff will handle all inbound calls designated to you and will dispatch it accordingly. We currently help several Biopharmaceutical companies with such a solution which helps them alleviating, optimized and effectively attend all calls, or redirect calls to the appropriate business unit.

We will be glad to assist you in developing a call center and hotline solution for your medicines, and will be happy to discuss this solution with you.




Our customer service handles medical enquiries, product complaints and return requests.

Medical enquiries

UPP customer service handles diverse medical queries such as handling patient and pharmacist enquiries regarding the product. We are always ready to provide directive regarding medical and operational enquiries over the “How to…” questions.

UPP customer service does not handle patient medical related information but upon receipt of a medical or clinical related enquiry, the customer service team immediately resolves within the limit of our prerogatives the enquiries or transfers the request to the appropriate business unit (internal or external business unit) who will contact you directly.


We understand the importance of providing to our client at regular interval an activity report. Therefore, we work hand in hand with our clients to develop reports which match best their expectations and deliver them at an agreed and defined frequency. 

Reporting provides a screen shot during a specific time period of our activities. And it is more than important for us to monitor and inform our clients on a regular basis of the evolution and performance of the activity they hire us to perform.

Discussing the report and key performance indicators is just the logical next step to do. This allows both our client and us to conjointly take decisive actions in regards to our common vision.


Our customer service team handles all return requests for damaged or shortage products, loss or pilferage goods. All return requests are handled according to strict GDP guidelines and within the framework of our return policy and terms & conditions. In case of doubt, contact our team and we will be happy to assist you in this process.

Product complaint

As providing a product to a market comes with handling complaints related to the transportation, the usage etc…, providing a medicine on the market work the same way and obviously lead to deal with complaints of different sort. UPP offers to its clients a product complaints handling solution through its customer service who is highly trained to provide solution or re-route product complaints to the appropriate responsible units.

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