Shipping and delivery

Expertise in shipping and delivery worldwide for the pharmaceutical industry

We earnestly work toward meeting our clients’ highest shipping and delivery quality expectation and therefore keep an eye open on innovative solutions and other logistics solutions.




Cold chain shipping

Temperature sensitive medicines are always stored, packaged and transported under specified temperature conditions. Our cold chain shipping solution is built to maintain throughout the supply chain the temperature of your medicine between the range (e.g. 2 - 8 ° C) defined by the pharmaceutical company.

We make sure the temperature is continually monitored from our facility till our customers' facility.  We have a vast range of selected and qualified cool boxes used for cold chain shipment which matches our highest quality expectation. We ensure the medicines are shipped with our cold chain qualified logistic transport partners.


Ambient shipping

We offer controlled and non-controlled ambient shipping solutions to our clients.

A typical controlled ambient shipment is a shipment of medicine which is required to remain within a specific ambient temperature range (e.g. 15° - 25°C). We offer to our clients therefore shipping solutions which will ensure the product is always kept within that specific temperature range throughout its transit.

On another hand, a non-controlled ambient shipment will be a delivery which can be dispatched in ambient temperature without the specific need to be controlled throughout its transit. On our specific client demand, such solution could also be provided for their medicine.

We aim at meeting our clients’ highest quality expectations and therefore work hand in hand to develop and find the most suitable shipping solutions which will match their shipping vision.

Emergency delivery

When our customers have an order which cannot wait, our dedicated customer service team is still at their disposal to take their order and coordinate its delivery with them.

At UPP we believe an emergency order means there is a patient somewhere who might miss his/her treatment if we do not promptly act. Therefore, despite our established cut off time, we however remain flexible when it comes to emergency delivery.

Our dedicated team will take your order and will make sure your medicine shipment is dispatched as soon as possible so that you will be able to supply on time your patients.



Delivering your medicine at the right time, the right location and to the right contact closes a typical normal order. We offer to our clients’ different delivery solutions. According to their key requirements, we deliver your goods the next business day across the European Union and within 48 hours outside of the European Union with our express shipping solution.

According to the final destination of your shipment, its volume and transportation condition, we can provide you with specific transit time.

e.g. Shipping to Oslo, Norway will take 1 business day on an Express shipping comparing to 3 business days as a standard shipment.

For more details regarding our transit time across the world, please contact us.


Since several years, we have been working with selected and validated logistic partners who have a global network reach and meet our quality expectations. We earnestly work toward meeting our clients’ highest quality expectation and therefore keep an eye open on innovative solutions and other logistics solutions.


Passive cooling partners

With the support of our passive cooling logistic transport partners, we ship your medicine passively worldwide. In order to achieve the highest GDP quality standard goals through our transportation, we pack your medicines safely and actively cooled, into our validated cool boxes, which are delivered to your doorstep.

We ensure that the temperature of your shipment is continually monitored throughout the entire transportation period.  Most of all, throughout the entire transportation, no matter the weather condition, we will ensure that your shipment reaches you in an untampered quality state. The shipment is fast, reliable and will be delivered by the next day across Europe and within 48 hours in the rest of the world.

The selection of a passive cooling partner depends on the strict clients’ transportation requirement. We could offer our client different passive cooling transport solutions and always recommend the best suitable solution matching the budget of our client.

Active cooling partners

In addition to our validated cool boxes, we have several transport partners who will deliver your medicine actively cooled to our customers’ desired address. We pack your shipment in a transport safe packaging and store it in our cooling room until it is picked by our active cooling transport logistic partner. We deliver your medicine in several European countries actively cooled and safely packed in temperature controlled vehicles. Therefore, ensuring a lasting cooling of your medicine.



We can provide means to track and trace all  shipments, offering therefore to our customers  a way to monitor the status of their shipments on a real life time.






Customs declaration

We have built over the time a deep and strong experience in imports and export of medicine across the world. That has given us an absolute core understanding of customs declaration processes to deliver medicine without further delays across the world. We will help you with all customs declaration processes across the world and our dedicated team is always at your disposal to provide you adequate information on how to facilitate the customs declaration of your medicine across the world.

Shipping documents

Shipping medicine requires complying with strict documentation's regulations. UPP will facilitate for its clients this process by providing them according to the destination country, the list of specific shipping documents required to properly ship their medicine outside of the boundery of the European Union.



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