Auxiliary material

Expertise in medical auxiliary materials

Our auxiliary materials department is the department responsible to provide and receive from our mother company’s nurses different types of materials and equipment. We handle a wide inventory of auxiliary medical products and home care devices.

We can assist our clients in the distribution of:

Medical Info brochures

specific to their patient condition



Infusion material sets

for specifics type of home care

Medical equipment

to assist the health care practitioners in their daily work




Training patients and nurses on different aspects of a specific disease is the starting point of any care. Therefore here at UPP, we support our clients in providing information to their patients about their conditions or nurses on how to provide care to a patient with a specific condition.

We ship medical information brochures which could help or assist:

  • Patients to educate them on their condition
  • Healthcare practitioner to inform them about available therapies
  • Nurses on how to provide care



We pick, pack and ship according to an order request, the sets of infusion materials needed for a particular infusion before the planed infusion, and supply nurses at a regular frequency with the needed set to perform the infusion.

We prepare specific infusion sets for different kinds of rare and orphan diseases that we provide to our mother company nurses.

Our infusion materials are shipped to nurses all across Germany and Austria. This facilitates the preparation of the infusion and helps the nurses focus on tasks at hand. This overall effort highly contributes in providing a high quality care to patients.




Our department undertakes a wide range of responsibilities in regard to medical equipment. Working closely with our mother company, we provide to our mother company’ nurses different materials and equipment needed to perform their daily work.

We are responsible of:

  • Managing the inventory of auxiliary medical products and devices
  • Providing initial equipment along with emergency suitcases to nurses
  • Handling the return of equipment on completion of contract

Your contact person

Michael Bork

Chief Operating Officer