Warehouse operations

Expertise in warehousing operation for the pharmaceutical industry

At UPP, beside our infrastructure built around a high pharmaceutical standard, we aligned our operations with GDP guidelines to provide not only the best but the optimal service quality to our clients.



A medicine to effectively react to the indication it is designated for, must at all time be kept in conditions which preserve and optimize its quality.

At UPP, beside our infrastructure built around a high pharmaceutical standard, we aligned our operations with GDP guidelines to provide not only the best but the optimal service quality to our clients. We take the security of our products, of our premises and of our personnel seriously. That is why we have invested in a state of the arts of a highly secured facility equipped with video surveillance system, controlled access system and an alarm system. The synergy in working in a highly secured environment, along with an efficient and strict quality system only results in providing consistently high quality deliverables.

This dynamic security system highly contributes to the achievement of one of our main goal, providing to our client a service of high quality.



Drugs not yet released or blocked by the quality assurance are stored separately from salable stocks and are only transferred to the sales portfolio after approval by the pharmaceutical manufacturer. This process is documented in UPP GmbH via the deviation management.

Depending on the product specification, tempered marked areas are available for the storage of the unauthorized or blocked medicinal products.


UPP GmbH sends temperature sensitive medicines, which must be stored and transported under specified temperature conditions. For this purpose, UPP has implemented special quality assurance processes. The packaging process is precisely defined and takes place according to a set of SOPs. Every employee is adequately trained before taking up the job, which includes GDP (good distribution practice) training. This training is refreshed in-house on yearly basis.

UPP has two different temperature controlled warehouses

  • Cool Chain 2 - 8 °C
  • Ambient 15 - 25 °C


From these areas the goods leave the warehouse with qualified transport service providers. UPP uses passive and active cooling logistics. UPP GmbH has its own special transport containers for passive refrigeration logistics. These are qualified according to a described process to the appropriate requirements. To ensure that the cooling chain is maintained, the shipment is checked at regular intervals by a highly sophisticated temperature monitoring system.

We remain flexible and can address our customers' request with our existing infrastructure along with our in-depth knowledge in the field of cold chain.




In case of returns, complaints or recalls, UPP keeps a process for the return of medicinal products. The return of drugs is not a standard procedure, but is treated as a special case.

Before returning medicines, several factors must be checked. The responsible person of the UPP plays a central role. The decision on the further procedure for a return is always decided by the responsible person.


To meet the high quality standard of our clients, we have a wide range of passive boxes for either an ambient or cold chain shipment. Each box is assembled with the best combination of cooling box and cooling elements to preserve temperature sensitive products through its transit time. 

We always ship products in validated boxes. Whether it is summer or winter, we have the right validation for each of our cool boxes. Each of our cool boxes is qualified under real conditions.

The advantage lying behind this qualification process is that the medicine is optimally cooled within its required temperature range during transportation allowing therefore a permanent maintenance of the cold chain or the controlled ambient shipment.



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